Natural Essential Oils Flea & Tick Collar For Cats


Natural Essential Oils Flea & Tick Collar For Cats

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Our Natural Flea Tick Mosquito Lice Repellent Collar is Especially Formulated for Cats. Dogs and Cats are NOT the same–why use the same pest collar?

Pest Control with Essential Oils Blend to repel pests for 6 months! Safe for home, family, pet. Adjustable. Free Flea Comb included for periodic checkups!

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WE ALL WANT WHAT’S BEST FOR OUR CATS AND FAMILIES! Our Pettively 100% Natural Flea, Tick, Mosquito, and Lice repellent collar for cats can protect your pet from pests that bite and cause disease. Safe for home, furniture, kids, and pets. Hypoallergenic collars utilize natural repellents shown in studies to reduce and eliminate pest attacks. Greatly reduce the risk of infestation inside the house with no cat allergies, no chemicals, and a pleasant smell.

6 MONTH NATURAL PROTECTION AND PREVENTION— Use in conjunction with proper cat and kitten grooming for a VERY effective total pest bite prevention program. If your cat is already having issues, apply a flea and tick shampoo treatment before applying the Pettively Flea Tick Mosquito Lice Repellent Collar for best results.

100% CHEMICAL FREE COLLAR SPECIFICALLY FOR CATS AND KITTENS—don’t be fooled. Not all “natural” collars are 100% Essential Oil collars! Our vet-recommended natural pest repellent cat collars contains no toxic chemicals, only our proprietary essential oil blend specially formulated for cats.

WATERPROOF ADJUSTABLE COLLAR allows it to remain effective even if it gets wet. Use the free cat flea comb to give your furry feline a periodic checkup, which may bean indicator it’s time to replace your collar. Easily adjustable Collar fits cats and kittens (after 8weeks old).

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! Save time, frustration, and money without cat flea pills, flea medicine, heartworm medicine, flea bombs, flea powders, flea tick sprays, or mosquito repellents inside the house! See the description below for more about how good grooming habits and an effective pest treatment and prevention program can help your family and your pets. If you’re not satisfied we refund or replace, no questions asked!



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